Debs French bulldogs
Pet Puppy Deposit Agreement


1.) All puppies require $1000.00 down for deposit

2.) Any money put down for dog/puppy is NONREFUNDABLE. If you decide you don't want a puppy When they are available, you forfeit your Deposit.

3.) All shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility. Cost for shipping is around $400.00

4)   7.375% MN State Sales tax will be added to the price of any puppy picked up in MN.

 5) Balance is due at 7 weeks of age, balance is due in full and must be to me by then .


         Please fill out below, sign & return with deposit.


1st choice Color of puppy you want __________ 

2nd choice __________  

any color______


Sex: (check one)   Male  ____     Female ____     either sex ____


This deposit is for a Pet puppy and is sold with NO Registration papers and Must be Spayed/neutered by 8 month old.


Purchase price of puppy $__________+ 7.375%  MN Sale tax-____________

Deposit Sent $_1000.00 money order or cashiers check NOT PERSONAL Checks_ NON REFUNDABLE, If you decide you don't want the puppy, you forfeit your Deposit.

By signing this deposit agreement, you agree to all of the above.

This agreement must be signed and returned with your deposit to address below.

__________________________     __________     ____________________________________

        Signature of Buyer                        DATE                    Please Print Name


__________________________     ________________     __________     __________
      Street Address                                        City                                  State                       Zip


__________________________     ________________     __________     __________
   Buyer's Phone Number                       Cell #                           E-mail Address 

Your signature on this document signifies that you have read this agreement and will abide by its terms. 

Mail to:

 Deb Piva

 56713 Co Rd 4

 Plainview, MN 55964

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