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Debs French Bulldogs

Puppy Contract


Thank you for purchasing a puppy from us. We have done our best to provide a healthy, happy and social puppy for you. 

For this health guarantee to be valid, you (the buyer) must take the puppy received to your veterinarian within 3 (three) days of receiving puppy for a health exam, at your expense. A copy of this veterinarian visit must be sent back to us (the breeder) for this contract/guarantee to be valid. 

If within 1 years you would happen to lose your puppy, seller will request an autopsy be performed at the buyer’s expense to determine cause of death. If cause of death is found to be due to congenital defect seller will replace the puppy as soon as a puppy of equal quality is available. If the buyer chooses a puppy of greater value the buyer must pay the difference. No cash refund. Buyer is responsible for the transport costs of replacement puppy. Buyer must return the registration papers before the replacement puppy is shipped. Only when the life of your puppy is threatened by a congenital defect of the heart or eyes will we be held liable for a replacement. We (Debs French Bulldogs) are not responsible for any vet bills that may occur during the life of your puppy through adulthood.

The buyer agrees to provide annual vet exams, including heartworm checks and preventatives, clean teeth as needed,  and to keep all vaccinations currant according to the A.V.M.A.  Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these requirements voids all guarantees.

The dog is sold on a Spay/Neuter agreement and must comply within 6 months of the date of birth or all guarantees will be void.

Your puppy needs to be picked up on the day Debs French Bulldogs tells you he/she is ready or there is a  fee of $15.00 for each day after this date will be charged,

We are not responsible for parasites such as coccidiosis, giardia, or other parasite puppies commonly carry.  Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Minnesota and the county of Wabasha. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be in Wabasha County, Minnesota. We do our best to send you the best quality puppy and we take pride in doing so.

Buyer also agrees, that if for any reason in the lifetime of the said puppy\dog, if they can no longer keep in their possession the said puppy\dog, that they will relinquish ownership back to Seller, Debra Piva (Debs French Bulldogs). Under no Circumstances is Buyer to release puppy\dog to any Rescue Group, Shelter, or any other type of facility for re-homing. Buyer is to Contact Debra Piva immediately and arrange for puppy\dog to be released back to Seller, where it will always have a home, where puppy\dog came from.

Please sign the contract/bill of sale, keep one copy for your records and send a copy to us (Debs French Bulldogs). If you fail to Sign and send this contract to us with in 10 days of Sale, this contract will not be valid.

Debs French Bulldogs
56713 Co Rd 4
Plainview, Minnesota 55964
Call: 507-202-8068

I certify that on ____________ (date) I purchased a French bulldog puppy.
Litter Registration #___________________ Whelped on: ___________________
Sire: ________________________________________________
Dam: _______________________________________________
Total purchase price:__________________
A Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $____________ was received on:____________________
Buyer's Signature___________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________City____________

State_____ Zipcode _______ PHONE ______________Date______

Seller's Signature :___________________Date______

Address  _______________ Phone ____________


We hope you enjoyed our puppies!!!!!

Thank you for visiting www.Debsfrenchbulldogs.com

If you are interested in our French bulldogs please E-mail us
or call  Deb @ 507-202-8068

Plainview, MN

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