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  • Do you sell your puppies to show homes only?
    Quite the contrary. Most of our puppies are sold to families whose only desire is to have a healthy, beautiful, faithful companion. Great people that have no interest in showing or breeding their Frenchie, but want a "pet" that conforms to the standard of the breed, and that comes from a gene pool of sound, health screened dogs.
  • Do you require your companion pups to be spayed or neutered?
    ABSOLUTELY! All of our companion Frenchies are sold on a  agreement  that the dog must be altered.
  • Do you sell pups to show homes?
    OCCASIONALLY! we will sell a show prospect puppy to a serious show home. Showing dogs is a huge commitment and requires a big investment of a person's time and money. The sport can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, but certainly is not for everyone. Untold weekends away from home, countless miles traveling to and from dog shows, hours upon hours of training to prepare your dog for their show career, and lots and lots of money to burn on the way to the finish line.
  • Do you sell pups for "breeding" only?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our babies are sold either as "companions" or "show prospects". Companion must be altered. Show prospects are sold with AKC full registration, but with certain restrictions regarding breeding entitlements.
  • Do you sell your pups with a written sales contract?
    ALWAYS! Every frenchie is sold with a written contract.
  • Do you have a health guarantee?
    YES! All puppies are sold with a written health guarantee.
  • Are your puppies vet checked before they are sold?
    YES! All of our puppies are examined by the veterinarian and are issued a health certificate before they are placed with their new family.
  • At what age do you allow your pups to go to their new home?
    They must be 9 weeks or older before they can be placed with their new family.
    Will you ship a puppy to us if necessary?
    YES! Many of our puppies are sold to families that do not live locally.

    Read for more details ---> If you need your puppy Shipped

  • What if we want to fly to MN to pick up our puppy?
    You are welcome to do just that. Many of our puppy buyers prefer to pick their pups up in person, so they can fly in cabin with them on the flight home.
  • Will you provide references if we request them?
    ABSOLUTELY! If you are interested in a Debsfrenchbulldog puppy and would like to contact individuals that have purchased puppies from us in the past, we will gladly provide email addresses to members of our "extended family".
  • Are French Bulldogs good companion dogs?   
    They are fantastic companion dogs.  They are fun, entertaining and loving.  The French Bulldog is delightful,
  • Easy to groom and requires little exercise.
  • How do Frenchies take to apartment living?
    Wonderfully.  This is one reason the French Bulldog has been popular throughout the history of the breed.  Frenchies like to be where you are and don't take up too much space at all.  It is good to get in a good walk as much as possible for overall health and exercise.  If your Frenchie only gets the occasional walk to the grass outside, is at least something.
  • Are Frenchies good with children? French Bulldogs are typically good around children but as always small children need to be supervised  around dogs, especially puppies 

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