If you need your puppy shipped

We are very excited to announce that  all of our puppies that need to be shipped will be hand delivered to you

A companion will fly on the plane in the cabin with your puppy, meet you at the airport

and hand you your new puppy!

This is great news for the puppies and for our peace of mind. 

Here is how the shipping process will work.
We will determine which major airport is closest to you and what day will work best.   On the day of delivery the puppy will be picked up from us about 2 hours prior to take off.  This allows time to get the through security.  The puppy will be in the cabin, yes in the cabin during the entire flight and always with it's escort.  The companion will meet you at the security check point closest to the gate of arrival.  You will be handed your pup and you can go home and enjoy him or her.  This is by far the best way to have a pup delivered if the distance is too far to drive and pick up.  We are located in Minnesota and often our pups are desired in different parts of the country.  We are very grateful to have this option available to us,

it's definitely a luxury.  

Fee for this will be around $350.-$400.